Start planning your historic home renovation in Bellville & Sealy, TX

Maintain or Update Your Historic House

Your house can maintain its historic look without appearing dilapidated. Get in touch with Barnett Construction Services for a historic home renovation. We mainly focus on buildings that are over 100 years old. We will improve the safety of your house without sacrificing the style.

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Trust us to take care of your historic home restoration

Wind, rain and falling trees can all cause damage to your home, but nothing causes more damage than time. We will give your historic home back its luster. Let us know when you want a historic home restoration. Our top-notch team will:

  • Keep the existing framework and flooring
  • Preserve the character of your home
  • Restore the structure of the house
  • Make sure your building meets current building codes

Contact us today to arrange for a historic home restoration in the Bellville & Sealy, TX areas.